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Netflix launches Fast so you can track your internet speed while streaming

Netflix doesn't want you to @ them

Netflix has launched a new website for users to track how fast their internet download speeds are, called Fast, which the streaming company urges subscribers to check if their shows aren't performing up to par.

Fast is similar to other free services available online that will check download speeds, but Netflix launched the site particularly for those using the streaming service. On the website, the company has specifically said that Fast will act as a tool to help gauge why streaming is being disturbed or not performing, but can not actually do anything to fix the issue. Instead, the company insists that if the download speed is coming in at less than what consumers are paying for through their internet providers, they can take the issue up with them.

Netflix said one of the reasons it started Fast instead of just pointing to sites like Speedtest is the company's dedication to ad-free experiences for users.

"We want our members to have a simple, quick, commercial-free way to estimate the speed their ISP is providing," the company said.

Netflix has tried to be as transparent as possible with download speeds since 2011, when it began ranking internet providers and ousting companies for not providing enough bandwidth for users to enjoy a seamless stream. Fast is the next step in being open with subscribers about why their streams are choppy.

Netflix recommends a 3 megabits per second minimum for those looking to stream, and a 5 megabits per second minimum for those looking to stream in HD.

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