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Far Harbor: Where you belong

This quest is triggered after completing Walk in the Park. Once you've made your acquaintance with the Acadia leader, DiMA, he will open the compound.

Head down to the third level to find Kasumi Nakano who will ask for your help to uncover DiMA's secrets. She will give you three options.

The first is to speak to DiMA directly. A speech check, offering your help, will prompt DiMA to reveal what you need to know and give you Faraday's program.

The second option is to hack Faraday's terminal. Read his journal entry and and then download Faraday's program.

The final option is to gain access to the storage room to eavesdrop on the meeting between DiMA, Chase and Faraday. Cog will have lost the storage room key, but you can find it on a table upstairs in the telescope room. Follow the waypoint indicator to the storage room on the lower level. After the meeting concludes, pick up the holotape sitting on the desk next to Faraday's terminal with the program. Report back to Kasumi after obtaining the information and Faraday's program to complete the quest.

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