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CBS debuts first trailers for MacGyver, Training Day

Following in Fox's footsteps of appealing to nostalgia

Much like Fox, CBS' upcoming fall lineup is full of remakes and reboots as the network tries to draw in as big of an audience as it can.

Two of the shows that CBS has ordered to series in an attempt to do just that are MacGyver and Training Day. The first is a reboot of the Richard Dean Anderson-starring series from 1985 and the second an adaptation of the 2001 film featuring Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke.

Following the network's presentation at the television upfront conference, CBS posted the first trailers for its full roster of fall shows, including MacGyver and Training Day. The first can be seen above and the second can be seen directly below.

Along with these two shows, CBS also brought in Community star Joel McHale to talk about his new series, The Great Indoors. In the new series, McHale plays a former adventure writer who becomes frustrated when he's put in charge of a group of millennials working on the magazine's digital side. McHale used his time at the conference to make some less-than-subtle jabs at NBC for all their support while Community was on the air, calling to attention the controversy that surrounded the network's relationship with show creator Dan Harmon.

All of the new shows CBS has ordered will premiere this fall. The rest of the trailers can be seen here.