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Dwayne Johnson joining cinematic universe based on work of Jason Bourne author

If you make a movie in 2016 and it's not part of a cinematic universe, does it really exist?

Dwayne Johnson and Universal Pictures are teaming up to create an entire world of films based around the works of Jason Bourne author, Robert Ludlum.

The first movie in the new universe will be based on Ludlum's The Janson Directive, which was published in 2002 following the author's death, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Akin to the Jason Bourne franchise, The Jason Directive follows an ex-Navy SEAL, Paul Janson, who ends up on the run from a government agency. There's a winding backstory that explains how Janson ended up in the predicament he finds himself in, but those that like the Bourne movies should be a fan of this new series.

Dwayne Johnson, who's currently filming the eighth Fast and Furious installment, told The Hollywood Reporter that while he doesn't know if he'll be a consistent figure in the franchise, he was excited to tackle Ludlum's story.

Johnson described the novel as "sharp, edgy and layered storylines," adding that "the character is complex, conflicted, bad ass and lethal."

The Ludlum deal marks the second cinematic universe the studio is trying to create. Universal is also working on a cinematic universe based around classic Hollywood monsters, starting with a new version of The Mummy starring Russell Crowe and Tom Cruise.