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Arrested Development creator says new season won't happen until after the election

Plus, highlights on the "new" fourth season episodes

Mitch Hurwitz, the creative mind behind Arrested Development, said it's not a matter of if season five gets made, but when.

Talking to Esquire, Hurwitz said that every single cast member was on board to return for a new season, and Netflix was behind them entirely. The trouble, he added, was lining up everyone's schedule to get the filming done.

"It'll definitely happen. Not before the election, but it's definitely going to happen," Hurwitz said. "I say that because the actors want to do it, the studio wants to do it, Netflix wants to do it, I want to do it. It's just making it happen. There's no one resisting."

Hurwitz didn't say too much more about the fifth season, but reiterated that a few of the storylines they had going in had to be benched because of how closely they reflected real-life events.

Hurwitz brought up the idea of building a wall between Mexico and the United States, which they had written into the next season but had to trash because of Donald Trump's stances. He also mentioned they had a storyline that would focus on Gob (Will Arnett) trying to solve a murder investigation, but realized there was too much in common with the case of Robert Durst, the man tied to a series of murders in the United States and who was profiled in HBO's docu-series, The Jinx.

Still, Hurwitz said he's spent time in the writers' room developing new story outlines and thinks he may finally be onto something. At the same time, they're finishing the recut of Arrested Development's fourth season — turning 15 episodes into 22 — so that it may finally air on television. Hurwitz did not give an estimated release date for those episodes.

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