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Rumor: Destiny's next expansion is Rise of Iron, first artwork leaks

Lord Saladin is here with flaming hammers, infusion of wolves

The fourth major expansion for Destiny, which is due sometime later this year, is called Rise of Iron, according to marketing materials posted to Reddit today. A modified version of that image can be seen above.

While the name and visuals don't tell us much about the add-on, the poster features Iron Banner Crucible master Lord Saladin — or someone who looks just like him — wielding a flaming hammer or axe, surrounded by a trio of furry friends. According to a report from Kotaku, the Rise of Iron marketing materials are authentic, and the expansion will include a new raid.

We expect to hear more about Destiny's 2016 expansion at E3 next month.

Activision and Bungie announced earlier this year that a "large new expansion" for Destiny will be released in 2016. A proper sequel to the Destiny is expected sometime in 2017. Destiny's most recent expansion, The Taken King, was released September 2015.

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