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Special Pokémon legendaries are up for download throughout May

Go grab some shiny new Pokémon

This month, The Pokémon Company is holding three separate legendary Pokémon in-game download promotions, according to fansite Serebii. Over the course of May, players will have the chance to grab a rare form of Zygarde and special versions of Xerneas and Yveltal in their Nintendo 3DS games.

From now until May 8, dragon/ground-type Zygarde is available as a mystery gift download over Nintendo Network. The level 100 monster comes in its standard "50 percent forme," one of several transformations it can undergo. The other four "formes" Zygarde changes into were first revealed in September and will debut in the Pokémon XY & Z anime, something that's hinted at in the Pokémon's in-game bio.

From May 11 to May 17, a shiny Xerneas will be available to download. The following week, from May 20-28, Yveltal's shiny form will be the latest mystery gift.

Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire players all have the chance to add these Pokémon to their collections. That these downloads are available over Wi-Fi means they're far more accessible than the other mythical Pokémon the company is giving out this month. That would be Darkrai, whom players have until May 24 to grab a code for from GameStop.

Pokémon Sun and Moon reveal trailer

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