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Where is Polygon's Battleborn review?

Gearbox's new multiplayer-focused shooter is almost out, but our review isn't quite ready

As of 1 p.m. ET today, the review embargo for Battleborn has lifted. So where is our review? Unfortunately, it's not ready and won't be until later this week or possibly even next.

On Monday of last week, we were invited to a review event for Battleborn that would take place in Novato, California, north of San Francisco. The event was to take place all day on Friday, April 29. Given the late notice for the event and its location away from our New York City-based reviewers, we ultimately declined to attend.

We were also informed that actual retail servers would not be live until today. While we always prefer to have a review up before or at the time of a game's launch, in this situation it made sense for us to wait until we could play it on the same live servers that everyone else will be on.

2K has provided us with codes for Battleborn, and we have a two-person review team jumping into the game now. Our goal is to get a review live as soon as they have had time to take in all of the content available and compose their thoughts about the game. Thank you for your patience.

Correction: Upon publication, this article stated that the Battleborn servers went live this morning along with the review embargo lifting. In actuality, the servers will go live at midnight ET this evening. Further details on when the game unlocks and is available to play are available on the official Battleborn website.

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