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Watch the heart-pounding conclusion to BioWare's Goose Cam

It's do or die for these goslings

BioWare Edmonton recently became the unwitting caretakers of Arshonk and Ganders, a pair of Canada geese that took a pit stop on the studio's roof. Naturally, the developer took advantage of the situation by training a camera on the nesting tourists 24/7, to the tune of some sweet BioWare jams (from games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age). Thus began the BioWare Goose Cam, last week's most engaging livestream.

But all good things must come to an end. After discovering that the lady goose Ganders was with-child, BioWare Edmonton launched a name bracket, putting it up to fans to christen the goslings. All six were born shortly thereafter, but now that the family is complete and the children are walking, it was time to send them all home.

In the moving finale to BioWare's unforgettable Goose Cam, above, watch as the baby geese embark upon a mission to get off the roof where they reside. With help from the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton and their loving parents, though, look forward to a happy ending. (But no spoilers, of course.)

BioWare is collecting donations to the Wildlife Society in association with the Goose Cam. Take a look at the organization's donation page after watching the geese's "final mission."