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IMAX partners with Google to create theater-ready VR cameras

Someone keep it away from James Cameron

During Google's I/O conference on Thursday, IMAX announced that it was partnering with the tech giant to create the first "cinema-grade" virtual reality camera.

The camera, which would bring Google that much closer to Hollywood, would incorporate some of the technology used in IMAX cameras now and add a VR aspect. The goal is to eventually create high definition, feature-length VR movies, but for now the technology could also be used for shorter experiences. The company did not specify what the frame rate or resolution would be on the cameras.

The VR camera will use Google's Jump platform as its core base — the same platform used for creating 3D, 360 degree content for VR right now. IMAX CEO, Richard L. Gelfond, said partnering with Google is the first step in broadening the type of content and video experiences the company wants to bring to global audiences.

"Today's partnership with Google takes us into the next frontier of immersive experiences — virtual reality — and we look forward to working with them to provide our filmmaker partners and other content creators with a level of VR capture quality not yet seen in this space," Gelfond said in a press release.

IMAX said that it would also be sharing its full archive of films with Google so the company can look into ways of reediting them with new VR technology. The company did not specify whether or not they would release those reedited films to the public.

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