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Life-size Overwatch action figures discovered worldwide

These agents will activate later today

Blizzard Entertainment is teasing a special Overwatch event for 1 p.m. ET today, but eagle-eyed fans on Twitter and Reddit have already uncovered the surprise. The company is currently installing oversized action figures based on characters from the upcoming team-based shooter in cities across the globe, according to photos posted online.

In a tweet from the Overwatch account yesterday, the developer hinted that something would be happening today, May 20, in Hollywood, Paris, and Busan, Korea. Blizzard neglected to say what "agents activating" meant, but told followers that the reveal wasn't related to new playable characters.

Fans continued to speculate until earlier today, when dedicated Overwatch fans based in those cities discovered what Blizzard was trying to hide: gigantic action figures, one in each location.

Currently, Hollywood natives can head downtown to find a boxed Tracer standing tall. The creator of that statue, Steve Wang, is on the scene; he's also crafted life-size Tracer statues in the past.

One Overwatch diehard got up close and personal with Tracer, revealing a button on her box that makes sounds. According to him, the statue weighs three tons and required both a crane and a forklift to install.

You can even watch live footage from the scene right now, thanks to the Hollywood Boulevard Cam.

The heroes Genji and Pharah can be found outside of Paris' Pompidou Centre and in Busan, respectively. There are fewer pictures of those available: just a handful of Genji as he's being constructed and none of Pharah yet.

The fine print on Tracer's box suggests that these figures are merely promotional. Whether or not actual Overwatch action figures are on the way remains to be seen. We'll update at 1 p.m. ET with more after Blizzard properly unveils them.

For more on Overwatch, which is out May 24 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One, check out our video below.

Update: It's past 1 p.m., so all of the Overwatch figures should now be standing in their respective cities. Redditors have begun compiling a plethora of photos from around the world, although it's not quite a comprehensive list.

Here's a look at the Genji statue in Paris:

overwatch genji

Pharah, however, remains to be seen. If you happen to be in Busan, keep an eye out for her.

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