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Overwatch open beta stats reveal most popular heroes, trillions of damage dealt and more

Here's what players got up to during the beta

As Blizzard Entertainment looks ahead to Overwatch's full release, the company has published a more detailed look at what players got up to during the game's recent open beta. Overwatch's open beta was Blizzard's biggest ever, and the stats that follow help to prove that.

Blizzard recently said that more than 9.7 million people checked out the Overwatch beta, which ran earlier this month. That includes players in at least 190 countries, who spent 4.9 billion minutes playing nearly 38 million matches. Here's some other notable numbers:

  • 9 million payloads were successfully delivered over 1.9 million kilometers;
  • The most popular heroes in each category were Soldier: 76 (offense), Widowmaker (defense), Reinhardt (tank) and Mercy (support);
  • Heroes were swapped out mid-game 271 million times, or 8 times per match on average;
  • Players dealt 1.3 trillion damage and healed 168 billion times;
  • 87 million loot boxes were earned.

Watch us open some loot boxes below in the lead-up to Overwatch's May 24 release. If you're lucky enough to be in California, France or South Korea, check out the life-size Overwatch action figures decorating some major cities.

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