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Fruit Ninja to be adapted into a live-action feature film

This is your fault, Angry Birds

Halfbrick Studios has partnered up with Vinson Studios to bring its popular mobile game, Fruit Ninja, to the big screen in a live-action adaptation, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The game is the second top-selling iOS game of all time, just behind Angry Birds; a game that just so happened to also receive a film adaptation. Angry Birds is currently playing in theaters everywhere.

There's not much known about the project, but it will be a family comedy and it will be live-action. The game, which follows a group of ninjas intent on ridding the world of fruit, has little-to-no narrative aspect. Neither studio have announced plans for what the storyline may consist of in the adaptation.

There's no estimated time for when production on the Fruit Ninja film is scheduled to begin, but the game is available to download in the App store right now.