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Watch the new trailer for Star Trek: Beyond

Well, that's something

The newest trailer for Justin Lin's Star Trek: Beyond is here.

The second trailer for the third installment in the series premiered at a fan event held in the Paramount Pictures studio lot in Hollywood yesterday. Star Simon Pegg tweeted a teaser for the trailer on Friday, including a photo of his character's alien pal, Keenser.

When the first trailer for the film was released, Pegg was critical of it, and said he understood why fans were upset with how the movie was portrayed. He promised audiences that the film was full of action-packed sequences and that the trailer didn't properly reflect how the movie actually looks. The new trailer looks to rectify those mistakes and has taken a completely different approach.

Star Trek: Beyond, which also stars Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto as Captain James T. Kirk and Spock, respectively, hits theaters July 22.