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New Independence Day: Resurgence trailer is nearly five minutes of apocalyptic mayhem

Your longest look yet

The first international trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence is now live, and it's not a quick watch.

Unlike previous spots aired in December and, most recently, during February's Super Bowl 50, the new clip offers a long look at the upcoming film. Ahead of Independence Day: Resurgence's premiere next month, you can see stars Liam Hemsworth and Charlotte Gainsbourg face increasingly extreme dangers. Jeff Goldblum also makes a few appearances among the wreckage.

The film, set 20 years after the first Independence Day — which co-starred Goldblum and hit theaters in 1996 — again finds the United States waging war against a crop of aliens. Will Smith, who led the charge against the extraterrestrials in the original film, won't be making an appearance; his character died following the events of the earlier movie. His son and widow will be featured in the new movie, however.

Find out who survives this war when the 3D film comes to theaters June 24.

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