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Final details emerge for The Division's big update

New gear sets and the high-end weapons you'll want to find right away

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The official Ubisoft website has revealed final details on update 1.2 for Tom Clancy's The Division, scheduled to launch May 24. It includes full stat listings on four new gear sets, details on new Dark Zone gear stashes, new named weapons and more.

The centerpiece of the update is a new raid, called Clear Sky. Players must be level 30 to attempt it and have "high level" gear, but no minimum or recommended gear score was listed.

The update's four new gear sets include the following perks:

  • Final Measure: This powerful defensive set features improved Exotic Damage Resilience, protection from Elite enemies and when completed allows you to passively defuse enemy grenades and instantly add them to your inventory.
  • Hunter's Faith: Designed for marksman characters, it features an improved critical chance when using long-range rifles and increases damage to elites. Worn together, the four items in the set give you temporary armor after you hit an enemy at range. "The further your shot," the blog says, "the more armor is awarded."
  • Lone Star: A special set for those using high rate of fire, automatic weapons it improves your ammo capacity by 100 percent, adds LMG and shotgun damage and when completed allows you to refill a magazine simply by holstering your weapon.
  • Predator's Mark: This set adds 20 percent to your weapon range, improves both assault rifle and pistol damage and when completed includes a nasty bleed effect for landing 10 consecutive shots on the same target.

The post also includes news on the addition of player stashes at every Dark Zone checkpoint. Now, instead of returning to the Base of Operations to retrieve extracted gear players will be able to journey to the very edge of the Dark Zone and equip their decontaminated loot straight away. It's a quality-of-life improvement that will make running laps in the player-versus-player arena more efficient.

For new weapons, the update includes the Centurion M1911 pistol, a Saiga shotgun called Medved and a new M1A marksman rifle called Historian. Strangely, a new magazine-fed shotgun, called the Showstopper, will be "implemented in the game with this update" but will not "be acquirable in-game until update 1.3." We've reached out to Ubisoft for clarification.

There's also a laundry list of balances and tweaks. Of note is the fact that the "armor damage mitigation" stat, an overall value that represents player's ability to shrug off incoming rounds, has been increased to 70 percent. Additionally, when killing bosses in Challenge Mode players will have the chance to receive two 182 Gear Score items, one 182 and one 214 item, or a 191 Gear Set item. Completing missions in Challenge mode will now yield one 182 Gear Score item every time.

The complete update notes can be found here.

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