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Disney movies will stream exclusively on Netflix starting this September

Future of Star Wars is on Netflix

Starting in September, Netflix will be the only pay-for-TV service in the United States that will have access to Disney's theatrical releases once they're out of cinemas.

The streaming service announced the start date for the exclusive deal in a blog post this morning, but this hasn't been a quick deal for either of the companies. In 2012, Netflix surprised just about everyone when they outbid networks like HBO and made an offer to pay hundreds of millions of dollars per year to be able to stream the titles exclusively.

The pay one deal, which is essentially a one-time deal that lasts for years, ensures that other networks and services, like HBO and Starz, can't stream any of the theatrical content that Disney releases starting in 2016. A media representative from Netflix did confirm, however, that networks like HBO would still be able to play movies the had licensed out during previous deals with the studio. Meaning that while you'll only be able to watch Captain America: Civil War on Netflix, you'll still be able to catch earlier Marvel films on HBO.

The new deal includes access to all of Disney's properties, including the aforementioned Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars. It was announced last year that Star Wars: The Force Awakens would stream on Netflix in Canada first before moving to other regions.

More information on what Netflix has planned for the upcoming summer and its exclusive deal can be found here.

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