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Live-action Uncharted 4 took two drone pilots, was done in one shot and looks amazing

This is very cool

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This video takes a bit of explaining.

The video above by Freakin Rad isn't just a live-action take on Uncharted 4 — since that would just be a movie using the same characters and settings  — but an attempt to replicate the visual language of the game in real life. Which is a much more ambitious undertaking than it may seem at first.

The entire thing was filmed in a single take using a Dji Inspire 1 drone, with one person flying the device and another person controlling the camera. That smooth camera motion where the angle changes while the view stays locked on the character required a steady hand on not one, but two sets of controls.

You can watch the behind-the-scenes video to see how it was all done, but this is a really neat piece of filmmaking, and required an intense amount of planning and skill to pull off. The end result is a lot of fun to watch.

Besides, even with good planning things can go wrong. Remember the E3 demo?

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