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Original Halloween director involved in new Halloween project

John Carpenter will act as executive producer

Iconic horror-movie director John Carpenter has signed onto Blumhouse Productions' reboot of Halloween — the film he first directed in 1978 — as an executive producer.

Carpenter will also act as a creative consultant, but Jason Blumhouse, CEO and founder of the production company, said that it's more than an acting title. Carpenter will act as the "Godfather" of the entire operation, working closely with the new director to ensure the reboot feels as authentic as possible. This means the newest film in the franchise will probably focus a bit more on the anxiety-inducing jump scares courtesy of the terrifying serial killer Michael Myers from the original film and less on the gory aesthetic made popular by Rob Zombie in his remakes.

"Halloween needs to return to its traditions," Carpenter said in a press release. "I feel like the movies have gotten away from that... Michael is not just a human being; he's a force of nature, like the wind. That's what makes him so scary."

Blumhouse added that it was currently in negotiations with Carpenter to have him score the film, as well. Carpenter, also a celebrated musician and composer, is currently touring around the world for the first time, performing some of the pieces from his Lost Themes albums.

Blumhouse said Halloween was currently in pre-production phases, with no one attached to the film at this point besides Carpenter. More information is expected to be released soon, including who will portray Michael Myers.

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