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Artist recreates all of Star Wars: Episode IV in 123-meter long illustration

It's pretty spectacular

A Swiss graphic designer has taken all of the events that occurred in Star Wars: A New Hope and recreated it in a 123-meter long illustration.

Inspired by a series of infographics he had seen, Martin Panchaud created the image using Adobe Illustrator. The exact image works out to be 10.6 inches by 4845.3 inches in length. On his website, Panchaud said one of the reasons he wanted to create such an elaborate image was because of how tired he grew of the internet's inability to pay attention to something. He wrote that internet culture likes "short stories and summaries" and wanted to do the complete opposite with the project.

Panchaud added that he chose Star Wars for multiple reasons, including that the franchise has had one of the most profound effects on pop culture and wanted to pay homage to that with the piece. He added, however, that he was also a pretty big fan of the franchise himself and thought it would be fun to tackle Episode IV since that's where the mythology began.

The full, scroll-based image can be seen on Panchaud's website, but a collection of the different objects he created to use in the image can be seen below. Panchaud said he has no intentions to commercialize the piece, but just wanted to see if he could pull it off as a bit of artistic expression.

Star Wars scroll

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