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I Am Setsuna looks like a wintry, nostalgic fantasy in new trailer

The game gets an E3 trailer a little early

Square Enix has premiered a new gameplay trailer for I Am Setsuna, the upcoming role-playing game that harkens back to the publisher's '90s roots. Although Square Enix is calling the video above the game's E3 2016 trailer, you can watch it now, ahead of the June event.

Inspired by Chrono Trigger and other classic Squaresoft role-playing games, I Am Setsuna is developed by new studio Tokyo RPG Factory. The winter-set RPG features a battle system similar to older Final Fantasy games, several dungeons to explore and tons of villagers to befriend.

I Am Setsuna is set to launch July 19 on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC for $39.99. The game is already out in Japan, where players can choose between PS4 and PlayStation Vita versions.

Check out our gallery of screenshots below for another look at the game.

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