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Valkyria Chronicles successor getting overhaul after demo complaints

The action game to become more of an RPG

Following a recent demo, the team behind Valkyria: Azure Revolution, the upcoming Valkyria Chronicles game on PlayStation 4, will be making several major changes to its battle system and other features. That's because, according to an interview in Famitsu, Japanese players who tried out the game's first demo weren't shy about offering their criticisms.

Players offered feedback on the Valkyria: Azure Revolution battle demo — three times more than director Takeshi Ozawa expected, he told the publication. Many of their comments focused on the action-focused battle system, which Ozawa said will become "more RPG-ish."

The number of members in the player's party will be also increased from three to four, and field encounters will no longer be in the game. These changes will be seen when the game's next demo is available this summer; although Ozawa didn't specify, it's likely that this trial will be Japan-only, just as the first one was.

In all, Valkyria: Azure Revolution will be changed to resemble earlier Valkyria Chronicles titles more closely, he explained. Unlike those tactical role-playing games, Valkyria: Azure Revolution played more like an action title in its first incarnation. Fans of the series noted the differences on Reddit and other venues when it launched earlier this year.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution is launching in Japan sometime in 2016. Western fans can make do with the recent PS4 release of Valkyria Chronicles, the first game in the series. Check out our video below to see how the game has changed since it launched on PlayStation 3.

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