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Mirror's Edge Catalyst has a launch trailer, and it's boring in a great way

This is a reboot, after all

The launch trailer for EA's upcoming Mirror's Edge Catalyst is a bit on the boring side, but I don't think that's a problem.

Mirror's Edge has such a distinct visual language and color palette that it's impossible to mistake the game for anything else. That's already a nice advantage over the majority of first-person titles, which often seem to bleed together. There's also the pleasant sensation that the trailer is showing me everything I wanted to see — those lovely colors and the convincing sense of speed and height — and completely avoids the one thing I feared to see: Faith holding a gun.

I wonder if people who haven't played the original game feel differently about the trailer, but I found it reassuring more than I found it exciting. It's a game I want to play, not watch. The trailer may be a bit boring, but it's certainly effective.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is out June 7 on PlayStation 4, Windows PCs and Xbox One. You can watch 30 minutes of the game below.

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