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Battleborn cuts price and rolls out a new character as Overwatch launches

This will be an interesting rivalry

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Battleborn introduced a new character and cut its price by $20, perhaps not coincidentally on the same day rival Overwatch launched.

Both are colorful first-person shooters with several distinctive characters; Battleborn is the one that launched three weeks before Overwatch. The latest member of Battleborn's roster is Alani, described as a "water-bending warrior monk." Her introductory video is below.

The character is available for everyone who played in the PlayStation 4 open beta or bought Battleborn's season pass or digital deluxe edition.

As for that, every version of Battleborn has been trimmed by $20 from now through Saturday. That means the digital deluxe version, which includes all the future downloadable content, costs $54.99 and the standard version is $39.99. The deal is availableonly in the 2K Store.

2K Games said four more DLC characters are in the works, including one named Pendles that will be available "in the next couple months." More on him can be seen at the game's official site.

For more on Battlebornsee Polygon's review.