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Captain America's newest comic book gives him a shocking origin

He's not the hero you think he is

Today marks the release of the first issue of Captain America: Steve Rogers, the newest Marvel comic centered on the Living Legend, but this won't be the Captain America most people know.

Warning: The rest of this post contains spoilers for what happens in the first issue.

In the new comic, it's revealed at the very end that Steve Rogers, a man known for being hellbent on taking down the evil organization that is Hydra, has actually been a member of it all along. Hydra, the global terrorist organization bent on world domination, apparently recruited a young Rogers and he has been working for them all along.

Editor Tom Breevort told Buzzfeed that the new comic would deal with Rogers' secret inclusion in the organization and focus on his attempts to bring down the entire Marvel universe as an agent of Hydra.

"The most trusted hero in the Marvel Universe is actually a sleeper agent for Hydra," Breevort told Buzzfeed. "The entirety of the Marvel Universe has a snake at its bosom."

Breevort also confirmed that this was the actual Steve Rogers, and not an evil clone or twin. The idea was to do something drastic for the 75th anniversary of the character and Breevort said they saw a lot of merit in this story, so decided to pursue it.

The first issue of Captain America: Steve Rogers is available in stores and online today.

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