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Pokémon Go offers trainer customization, microtransactions and more

Find out the latest ahead of its field test

The Pokémon Company dropped further details about Pokémon Go, the upcoming iOS and Android game that takes trainers into the real world to collect 'em all. Among the new info is an explanation of Gyms, evolution, battling and more.

Similar to Pokémon X and Y, players can dress up their characters with different clothes and accessories. They'll get to see their customized trainers on the in-game map, and opponents will see the characters during Gym battles.

Claiming a Gym and successfully defending it from attackers helps to increase its Prestige ranking, with higher level locations allowing for more Pokémon to join the line of defense. Teammates can band together to take on rival Gyms even faster. There are other challenges beyond just Gym battles, however, and these will unlock achievement medals for the player's profile.

Just like in the standard Pokémon role-playing games, players will also focus on building their collection through catching and evolving Pokémon. Trainers must travel around outside to find and catch different Pokémon in various locations, and will be able to use better Pokéballs to increase their chances as they go along.

Evolution in particular is a feature that's been added following recent beta tests worldwide, according to developer Niantic Labs. Evolution works by catching the same type of Pokémon over and over again; eventually, trainers will be able to evolve one of them. They can also occasionally find Pokémon Eggs at PokéStops, which are real-life monuments and places of interest. As it does in the games, taking steps outside causes them to hatch.

The free-to-play game, inspired by Niantic Labs' popular Ingress app, will also include PokéCoins, which can be earned or bought with real money and used to buy power-ups. There's also a device called the Pokémon Go Plus that connects to the game through Bluetooth and is sold separately.

Field test registration for players stateside is now open; a start date has not been announced. Pokémon Go will launch worldwide later this year.