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Japan's Retro Games Master tries to catch every original Pokémon before Sun and Moon launch

To catch them is his real test

Nintendo is collaborating with Game Center CX, a popular Japanese variety show, on a new video series, in which the series' host will embark upon the ultimate challenge: catching every Pokémon in the original Game Boy games. From now until Nov. 18 — when the series' latest games Pokémon Sun and Moon launch — the "Retro Game Master" Shinya Arino will attempt to add new meaning to his title.

The first episode premiered on Nintendo Japan's Topics blog, which hosts news and stories about gaming culture. You can watch the half-hour installment above to see how successful Arino is on his first Pokémon outing. It's in Japanese without English subtitles, but longtime Pokémon fans should be able to follow along with ease.

Arino is playing Japan-only Pokémon Green on Nintendo 3DS; the Virtual Console port launched on Feb. 27 in honor of the series' 20th anniversary. Arino makes a smart first move by choosing Charmander as his starter, although his collection grows by 14 by the video's end. To see his full collection, check out his Pokémon-centric Twitter account.

Game Master CX, known as Retro Game Master in English, has crossed over with Nintendo several times before. Although it remains a Japanese exclusive, stateside fans may also be familiar with the show thanks to Retro Game Challenge on Nintendo DS. The unique old school-style game had a sequel that never made it overseas, although there is a fan translation available.

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