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Original Fast and Furious returning to theaters for one-day event

See the original crew back on the big screen

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To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the original Fast and Furious movie, Universal is bringing the film back to theaters for one day only.

The film will play in most major cineplexes across the United States on June 22. Tickets for the film can be purchased here. First released in 2001, The Fast and Furious grossed $207 million worldwide, not only spawning a sequel, but leading to one of the biggest action franchises in history.

Vin Diesel, star of the franchise and one of the creative leads behind the films, told Entertainment Weekly that it was the movie that changed his life. He called the experience surreal, and said one of the best outcomes that came out of doing the films was the relationship he developed with Paul Walker. Walker, who starred in every movie with the exception of the third, died almost three years ago in a car accident.

"The brotherhood formed with Brian, the love personified in Letty and the sense of family initiated by Mia. ... It is surreal that this film has held up all the years and led to so much more," Diesel said. "Proud of our Fast saga family."

Since the first film, the Fast and Furious franchise has grossed more than $3.9 billion worldwide. Both executives at Universal and Diesel have said they want to do two more movies after the eighth one, which premieres April 17, 2017, but there have been rumors that the studio is also looking into spinoffs.

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