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Firewatch walkthrough: Day 76

After all those quick cuts, Day 76 arrives with a more extensive mission.

It starts simply enough: You're headed to Jonesy Lake to catch a fish, chatting with Delilah along the way.

When you reach your destination, you spot a clipboard and investigate it — and quickly become thoroughly freaked out. Someone has been spying on you! After you talk to Delilah, walk toward the canyon mouth and investigate the red walkie-talkie you find there — until someone sneaks up behind you and cold-cocks you.

When you come to, the red walkie, the clipboard and your assailant are all gone. You head to Wapati Meadow, the area behind the big fence, to investigate, talking with Delilah about how freaked out you both are. To get there, walk north along the lakeshore, then turn east at Cache 305 to find a trail.

Optional: Cache 305/Ron and Dave note

If you haven't visited this box already, open it for an updated map and another Ron and Dave note. Dave is definitely the more intelligent of the two ranger bros.

Make your way along the trail until you're blocked by the fence, then turn left and follow it until you see a gate. You try to get it open, but it won't budge.

Optional: Try to smash the lock

You can pick up a loose stone from a nearby boulder and attempt to break the lock, but it won't work.

Delilah sends you to get help from the fire rangers who are in the area fighting the blaze you named on Day 64. They are (you guessed it!) all the way at the opposite corner of the map, by the Ruby River.

Make your way back to Jonesy Lake and head east past the teen girls' campsite from Day 1, climbing up the shale slide to the clearing with the medicine wheel. From here, you can turn south to Cache 308 and the Cottonwood Creek, or you can keep moving east from the medicine wheel back to your watchtower's clearing, then go south to Cache 307 and the river. Since a later mission will take you to the creek, the second choice is more efficient for covering as much territory as possible.

Optional: Talk to Delilah about the fire

The fire you named on Day 64 is still burning in the distance. Whenever you see it, you can talk to Delilah about it. (While you can do this right now, you may find it easier to get a good vantage point on the fire the next time you're in your tower.)

Cache 307 is otherwise known as the Lending Library.

Enjoy the many books stashed therein and check out another ...

Optional: Ron and Dave note

Dave … doesn't seem to be doing so great, you guys.

Optional: Talk to Delilah about wildfire management

When you see the area where the fire rangers have done a controlled burn, you can ask Delilah about it.

Optional: Talk to Delilah about snowmobiles

You'll see two abandoned snowmobiles in the swampy pond on the way to the camp. Apparently the forest has winter activities, too.

Optional: Talk to Delilah about the stripped engine

Someone has scavenged the dead snowmobiles for parts. That seems … weird, in the middle of the forest?

Optional: Talk to Delilah about Pork Pond

The pond isn't marked, and Delilah will explain why.

Optional: Talk to Delilah about the sign post

Near the pond with the crashed snowmobiles is a signpost with no sign on it. Delilah already told you about the sign, but reporting on the signpost will prompt a discussion about your destination, the nearby camp.

When you reach the scout camp, you quickly learn that the bridge is out. (How did the fire rangers get in there?) Walk to your left to find a narrow spot in the ravine that you can jump across.

Optional: Explore the old camp

The camp contains a few items of interest that you can chat with Delilah about, including an old bear trap, some abandoned shelters, and another flyer advertising a missing hiker.

The firefighters have left the scout camp (again, how?), but luckily for our hero, they left behind an axe! Now you'll be able to clear blocked paths and fell damaged (pre-chopped) trees to cross ravines. You can do that right now, in fact, to exit this area.

Optional: Talk to Delilah about the trowel

Henry doesn't know what trowels are used for in the woods. Delilah explains it.

Optional: Note to firefighters

Before you leave the camp, grab the note on a nearby stump to learn why the firefighters were directed to protect this isolated part of the Shoshone. (Ooh, the plot thickens!)

At this point, you are all fired up (get it?) to run back to Wapati Meadow and smash that gate open, but Delilah suddenly thinks better of it. Her conversation with you ends the day.

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