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Firewatch walkthrough: Books and their locations

The fire lookouts in Firewatch spend a lot of time reading. You'll find books scattered throughout the cache boxes and residences in the game. While you can't do much more with them besides pick them up and look at the covers, they're still neat to see — especially the books that are actually Easter eggs referring to other games! Here's a list of all the books in the game.

Henry's tower

  • Glory, by Magmanus
  • The Singular Mind, by Dr. Jonas Allard
  • The Birds of Wyoming, by George Sinclair
  • Death Strikes at Two, by Richard Sturgeon
  • The Patriots, by Donald Anderson
  • Eight Rolled the Hard Way, by Richard Sturgeon

Cache 302:

  • Six Feet Down Under, by Richard Sturgeon

Cache 305

  • The Fourth Estate, by Richard Sturgeon

Cache 307

  • One Chance to Die, by Richard Sturgeon
  • Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte
  • Terminal 7, by Richard Sturgeon ("Now a Major Motion Picture Starring Anders Nelson")
  • The Accidental Savior, by Terrence L. Greenbriar

Cache 308

  • Three Blind Rats, by Richard Sturgeon

Brian's hideout

  • Five Degrees North, by Richard Sturgeon
  • The Black Band comic book

Ned's hideout

  • Wizards & Wyverns: A Roleplaying Rulebook
  • Steven's Room, by Howard Crother
  • Nine Lives Lost, by Richard Sturgeon

Delilah's watchtower

  • Lucien's Gambit, by Timothy Howell (Book XVI of the Chronicles of Krindle)
  • 1001 Crosswords
  • 1001 More Crosswords

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