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The Little Prince headed to Netflix in August

It's also coming to theaters

Four months after Paramount dropped The Little Prince from its release schedule — a week before it was supposed to hit theaters — The Little Prince will finally be available to stream on Netflix as of Aug. 5. The film will also play in theaters, according to the company.

The film, which was supposed to be released mid-March in the United States, was inexplicably pulled by the studio from every theater. It was still released, however, in more than 50 international markets for a standard run-time. Based on the 1943 novella written by Antonie de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince follows the story's narrator as he tries to find the creativity he had as a child, but lost as he became an adult.

The film's director, Mark Osborne, told Entertainment Weekly that the controversy surrounding the movie and its release was just another part of the "crazy production" they dealt with while making it. He added that the movie was particularly important to him and that he tried to stay as close to the original work as possible to pay a proper homage.

On top of announcing the release date for the film, Netflix has released a new trailer for The Little Prince, which can be seen above.

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