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Mega Man gets a new, not-quite-improved look in upcoming animated series

In a word: yikes

In a press release, executive producer Man of Action Entertainment (Ben 10Ultimate Spider-Man) and distributors DHX Media and Dentsu Entertainment presented a first look at the upcoming Mega Man cartoon, set to debut in 2017, along with a handful of story details.

The series will star a young and otherwise normal robot named Aki Light with a secret power: He can become Mega Man, "the world's first robot super-hero." Set in Silicon City, the series showcases Aki's struggle to maintain his superheroic duties on top of his everyday life. He'll be joined by familiar characters like Rush, along with newcomers with names like Mega Mini.

Dentsu Entertainment and DHX are targeting the elementary school demographic with the new Mega Man show, which is debuting in time for the character's 30th anniversary next year. But the companies claimed that the show will appeal to longtime fans too.

According to Man of Action Entertainment, Mega Man's 2017 incarnation will feature what fans love best about the character — which is apparently "his unflinching wide-eyed optimism and an over-the-top sense of humor." You can see how that's translated into his new character design below.

Mega Man is set to make further on-screen appearances: A feature film is reportedly in the works at 20th Century Fox. Capcom is also bringing the franchise to mobile.

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Mega Man Legacy Collection - Announce Trailer

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