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Pokémon fans are getting a second chance to download Mew

Just in case you missed the mythical monster earlier this year

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The Pokémon Trainer Club's next online newsletter will include a download code for Mew, according to the series' official website. That means players of the Nintendo 3DS Pokémon games will have another opportunity to grab the rare legendary for their collections, following a similar distribution campaign earlier this year.

Registration for the Trainer Club is currently open, with the next issue set to go out June 1. Fans can find a unique key to download Mew for games like Pokémon X and Pokémon Omega Ruby within the email; they'll be valid until Aug. 31.

In February, GameStop offered download cards for a level 100 Mew, although retailers only had a limited supply of codes available. Those who grabbed the free cards have begun selling them in bulk on eBay and other sites, proving the legendary monster's popularity.

Both GameStop and the Nintendo Network are giving away one mythical Pokémon a month to celebrate the franchise's 20th anniversary. This month's download just wrapped, but fans can look forward to grabbing Manaphy from the Nintendo Network starting June 1.