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Dragon Quest Builders comes stateside this fall, in time for series' 30th anniversary (update)

It's kinda like Dragon Quest-meets-Minecraft

Dragon Quest Builders arrives in the West this October on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. A sandbox game set in the world of the very first Dragon Quest, Builders is one of several games planned for release this year in celebration of the franchise's 30th anniversary — the series turned 30 just yesterday, in fact.

The newest trailer above shows how Dragon Quest Builders puts a new spin on Alefgard, familiar to series fans as the setting of the first game. As a renowned Legendary Builder, players must reconstruct the world after the first Dragon Quest's protagonist turns to the dark side.

It's a story that follows Dragon Quest's "bad ending," and we enjoyed how Dragon Quest Builders plays off the series' familiar features when we tried it at Tokyo Game Show 2015. Read our preview for more on how the game works.

Japanese players have had the chance to rebuild the towns of Alefgard since this January, when the game launched on PS4, Vita and PS3. Stateside options will include physical and digital releases on PS4 and a digital-only Vita version.

Update: Dragon Quest Builders launches stateside on Oct. 11, Square Enix announced. A Day One edition is offered to fans and includes three exclusive crafting recipes.

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