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The Division team moves quickly to patch troubled update

Missing daily missions and characters have been found

Yesterday during their State of the Game broadcast on Twitch, the team behind Tom Clancy's The Division detailed efforts to fix major issues with the latest 1.2 update. When it launched this past Tuesday, it brought multiple new bugs to the game and reintroduced some old ones. But after server maintenance yesterday we're happy to report that performance is much improved.

A hotfix for Daily Missions not appearing was formally announced as part of yesterday's maintenance. PC players' missing characters have also been found.

In the last few days Polygon has found that matchmaking instability is also greatly improved. We had no issues with joining other players for the new raid, called Clear Sky. Issues related to the doubling of the user interface, and the overall performance hits that accompany it, continue to persist.

There's still a ways to go to bring performance to where it should be, which The Division team readily admits. They've made the known issues more visible on the official forum's State of the Game section. Another round of server maintenance is scheduled for today.

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