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A classic WayForward Technologies April Fools' joke is becoming an actual game

Cat Girl Without Salad! will be a Humble Monthly exclusive

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Cat Girl Without Salad! is June's original, exclusive game included with the Humble Monthly bundle, according to the storefront's Twitter page. Unlike previous Humble Originals, however, this title already has a fanbase. First announced by developer WayForward Technologies in 2013, the space-set mash-up game became a cult favorite, despite only existing as an April Fools' joke.

The art shown off by Humble features a different look for Cat Girl Without Salad! than originally shown three years ago, but tweets from those involved with the project suggest that much has stayed the same. Voice actress Cristina Vee will portray Kebako, she announced on Twitter. Others involved with the project include Shantae and the Pirate's Curse designer James Montagna and original character illustrator Lindsay Collins.

An archive of the original announcement includes a description and the only screenshot of the former fake game. Following the adventures of lovelorn bounty hunter Kebako, Cat Girl Without Salad! was jokingly described as combining "elements from several gaming genres, including puzzler, platformer, shmup, action, shooter, adventure, strategy, fighting, rhythm, arcade, horror, tactical, RPG, TPS, RTS, and visual novel."

Although fans quickly realized it was a joke, comments showed that they wished the game were real. Fan art of the cat-eared Kebako and her extraterrestrial calamari companions have since appeared online, along with a soundtrack inspired by the faux game and more.

Humble Monthly costs $12 a month, and subscribers receive discounts at the Humble Store and a collection of PC games to play. Five percent of the membership fee goes toward charity, as is typical for the Humble Store. The new selection of titles, including Cat Girl Without Salad!, will roll out after June 3.

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