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Watch Hitman moving through colorful Marrakesh

Agent 47 visits Africa for the first time

Earler this week, developer Io announced that the third episode of Hitman will be released on May 31, taking place in Marrakesh. This video shows some of the locations in the game, as well as the central character, assassin Agent 47, mooching around the local bazaars.

Episode 3 is titled "A Gilded Cage" and centers on a contract to take out two targets: private investment banker Claus Strandberg and Army General Reza Zaydan. In all of his world travels over the 16-year history of the Hitman franchise, this marks 47's first trip to Africa.

The PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One game's previous two episodes took place in France and Italy. Seven episodes total will launch by the end of 2016, according to Square Enix. Episode 3 costs $10, or $50 for all episodes and downloadable content.

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