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No Man's Sky creator: I've gotten death threats over delay news

Some fans go way too far

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

The maker of No Man's Sky says he received death threats throughout a week in which his game was reportedly and then confirmed to be delayed.

Sean Murray, the managing director for Hello Games, said this on Twitter yesterday evening:

Kotaku on Wednesday reported, through retail sources, that No Man's Sky had been delayed. Friday, PlayStation confirmed that the sprawling space-exploration epic was now due to launch Aug. 9. It had been given a June 21 release date. No Man's Sky also is launching on Windows PC.

Incidentally, the Kotaku writer who first reported the delay also said he received death threats over the news as well.

Originally announced in 2013, No Man's Sky proposes a enormous, procedurally generated universe with quintillions of worlds in it, populated by lifeforms waiting to be discovered. Spaceflight and combat also will be featured. Subsequent reveals of Hello Games' work, particularly how such an expansive game is being built by such a small studio, have whipped up great enthusiasm for its launch. These unbelievably disproportionate reactions appear to be an unfortunate by-product of that.

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