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Smite comes to PlayStation 4 on Tuesday, promises new content year round

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Gird thy loins, mortal

Smite, the third-person action MOBA, will launch on PlayStation 4 soon. How soon? Tuesday, May 31.

Launched on PC, in 2014, Smite's cast of combatants is drawn from the pantheons of gods spanning several ancient mythologies. Its creator, Hi-Rez studios, boast that it has millions of players. Smite kicked off an open beta on PS4 earlier this year.

The game will be optimized to 60 frames per second and will introduce new game modes and new gods when it launches, Hi-Rez said on PlayStation Blog.

The studio promises that "frequent and free updates are a way of life for Smite," with new content coming every two to three weeks over the next year.