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The film Apocalypse could have looked like this

A comic-inspired take on the character was very possible

Tested recently released a fascinating video interview with Ironhead Studio founder Jose Fernandez, where Fernandez describes much of the work he's been doing with superhero design in film, often with little to no credit. Ironhead worked on Batman v Superman, Thor, Tron Legacy, Batman Returns, The Avengers and many others. The company knows how to create and execute on complex ideas.

The entire video is wonderful if you're interested in superhero suit design and fabrication, but the real heartbreaker takes place when Fernandez shows off his concepts for X-Men: Apocalypse.

Here's a good look at his design.

apocalypse gif

And one more.

apocalypse gif 2

This, for comparison, is what made it to screen:

X-Men: Apocalypse (Fox handout)

Fernandez said he lost the bid to work on Apocalypse, and like many of us he was "underwhelmed" by the final version of the character. He also had a lifecast of Apocalypse actor Oscar Isaac, and decided to take a crack at the design.

"I thought maybe it’s not possible to make him look like this character, but that is sculpted on Oscar Isaac, so I’m like well no, it was possible," he said. So the version of Apocalypse from this video isn't just a dream, it could have been made to work with the actor playing the part.

"I sculpted the makeup and then I kind of bashed out the armor fairly quickly, but just an impression of what that character I think could be, could have been," Fernandez explained.

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