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Nintendo Humble Bundle expands with three more games

Get 'em automatically by paying more than the average

Nintendo's second Humble Bundle went live a week ago, and as is Humble Bundle's custom, the companies expanded the package today with three additional games: Nano Assault EX on Nintendo 3DS, and Swords and Soldiers 2 and Runbow on Wii U.

Any buyer who pays more than the average price — $9.74 as of this writing — will receive those titles in addition to the six games that the bundle launched with. This also applies to people who have already bought the bundle, as long as they paid more than the average at the time of purchase.

A representative for Humble Bundle told Polygon that the Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle topped $1 million in revenue yesterday, May 2. The spokesperson said that the promotion has already surpassed Nintendo's first Humble Bundle, the Humble Nindie Bundle from May 2015, in both revenue and purchases.

In the seven days since the launch of the Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle, more than 107,000 copies of the package have been sold. The bundle will be available for one more week; it expires at 11 a.m. PDT on May 10.

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