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Ubisoft seeking a 'permanent solution' to The Division's daily missions problem

Missing missions are just one item on a long list

Tom Clancy's The Division didn't receive a new daily mission today — for the second time this week. A tweet on the game's Twitter account acknowledged this, claiming that Ubisoft and developer Massive Entertainment are working on a fix.

"A permanent solution to this recurring problem is being looked into," the tweet reads. The Division failed to receive a daily mission, which adds a new challenge to the game every morning, both today and three days ago. In April, shortly after the release of The Division's first expansion, daily missions were unavailable for several days.

Fans have speculated as to why daily missions keep disappearing. On The Division's subreddit, one user shared a data dump of the purported daily mission code, which shows the update schedule. Redditors have pointed out breaks in the schedule that forecast missing updatesIn a post from April 30, when The Division again went without a new daily mission, another explained that the data predicted May 3 would be the next date without an update.

Ubisoft hasn't confirmed any of these theories, of course. Instead, the company has redirected those who have asked for more information to the game's official forum. There, The Division players can find a full list of bugs and exploits that the development team says it's hard at work to solve.

Last week, a post on the game's blog said that players could expect more transparency about The Division's problems — and more fixes for them, too. Glitches like disappearing characters and infinite revives have since been patched, and Ubisoft has compensated players for these types of game-breaking cheats and bugs. The publisher has also made punishments for cheaters more severe.

Read our take on the third-person shooter and watch the Overview below to see a bug-free experience with The Division.

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