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Street Fighter 5's next DLC character, Ibuki, revealed

Capcom shows what Ibuki's learned at ninja school

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Ibuki is the next character coming to Street Fighter 5, Capcom confirmed today. The Street Fighter 3 veteran will join the fighting game's roster armed with some new ninjutsu skills, including the ability to throw bombs at her opponent.

Street Fighter 5's Ibuki can also hurl kunai at her opponent, but Capcom is giving players new opportunities to mix up her projectile attacks. She can throw one, two or up to five daggers at a time. Ibuki's projectile comes with some restrictions, however. "Now players will have to be much more strategic in their use as she can only stock five at a time before she has to quickly obtain another set," Capcom said on its official blog.

Ibuki's V-Trigger is called Tenrai, and sees her charging up a powerful blast. Her V-Skill, Isshaku Horokudama, will let her lob a bomb at her opponent. Ibuki players can choose the length of the fuse of that bomb, giving them a powerful strategic option that will keep opponents on their toes (or juggled into the air).

Finally, Ibuki's critical art, if it lands, sees the ninja knock her opponent into the air and then raining a powerful blow onto their skull. Get a peek at all of Ibuki's skills in action in the gameplay trailer above.

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