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Zero Time Dilemma arrives on Steam not long after handheld release

Play the game on one of three systems this June

Zero Time Dilemma will launch stateside on Windows PC June 29, developer Spike Chunsoft confirmed to Polygon. That's just one day after the final Zero Escape adventure hits Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita on June 28.

"In Japan, the Steam release and physical release are both June 30 (2 a.m. JST)," a representative for Spike Chunsoft told us. "But due to time zones, that translates to June 29, 10 a.m. PT (give or take some time for it to go live on Steam)."

At a press event during Game Developers Conference 2016 this past March, North American publisher for the Zero Escape franchise Aksys Games confirmed that Zero Time Dilemma would be the series' first game to leave handhelds. The PC port was slated to arrive "later this year" when we spoke to the team — including director Kotaro Uchikoshi — at GDC.

Also during the conference, Uchikoshi explained that, while series ender Zero Time Dilemma will be the first installment to make it to PC, it should serve as a good entry point for new fans. Read our preview of the upcoming murder mystery visual novel for more before watching nine minutes of English gameplay below.