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Here's your first look at the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child cast

Harry, Ginny and Albus Severus are front and center

The debut for the biggest play in London's West End, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, is just weeks away, and today the production company released the first images of Harry, Ginny and Albus Severus Potter.

The play, whose first preview is in a week, takes place after the epilogue chapter of the last Harry Potter book, The Deathly Hallows. Harry, an employee of the Ministry of Magic, is married to Ginny Weasley and has three children — James, Lily and Albus Severus Potter. The Cursed Child will focus on his relationship with his youngest son — named after two of the most influential wizards in his life, Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape — as they fend off a new threat to the magical world.

In the first photos, which debuted on Pottermore and can be seen below, Jamie Parker (Harry Potter) can be seen sporting the iconic lightning bolt scar on his forehead, but his famous Hogwarts school robes are gone. Parker said they spent quite some time trying to find the perfect suit for Harry to wear in the play because it needed to signify the important transition from childhood to adult.

"He's wearing a suit because he's a Ministry man, but he's not just a bloke in a suit, that's way too anonymous," Parker said. "It's a unique gig in the sense that you have seven volumes of backstory that you get to bring on with you. And we were all very keen to make sure that the first time you see Harry it just feels right."

Just because Harry is no longer wearing the distinctive school robes, however, doesn't mean they're gone forever. Albus Severus, played by Sam Clemmett, can be seen wearing a pair, which he describes as hand-me-down's from his older brother, James.

"I had the idea he was wearing James's — his older brother's — hand-me-downs," Clemmett said. "So I wanted him to feel quite uncomfortable, and be able to play with his clothes."

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which will also receive a canonical novelized adaptation at the end of July, premieres next month.

Cursed Child - Harry

Cursed Child - Ginny

Cursed Child - Albus