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Minecraft's new rules block ad agencies, politicians from shilling stuff in-game

'That doesn't feel right or, more importantly fun'

Corporations, ad agencies, non-profit organizations and politicians will no longer be able to use Minecraft to promote their products or agendas, according to the game's new commercial usage guidelines. In a post on the developer's website, director of creative communications Owen Hill detailed the game's commercial usage guidelines, explaining how both players and outside companies will be affected.

"We want to empower our community to make money from their creativity, but we're not happy when the selling of an unrelated product becomes the purpose of a Minecraft mod or server," he wrote. That's why Mojang has instituted the new set of rules, found in a section called "Building Promotions with Minecraft."

Essentially, businesses, governing bodies and related entities are barred from marketing non-Minecraft content through Minecraft gameplay. This includes building mods, maps and servers to serve as playable promotions of political and commercial products or ventures.

Fan-made content based on commercial properties are still allowed, Mojang noted, as are YouTube banner ads on Minecraft-related videos. Fans can also support brands and political candidates within the game, as long as they haven't been hired to do so.

The updated guidelines means that stunts like a functional, in-game Verizon smartphone and a Disney-sponsored map based on Tomorrowland — which used Minecraft to advertise commercial content that was decidedly not Minecraft-related — are no longer acceptable.

The massively popular sandbox game continues to grow, with the game recently making its Gear VR debut. Mojang recently updated the game to version 1.9, adding new combat features, and is planning to bring the game to Chinese audiences later this year.

Minecraft in the Oculus Rift

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