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The ultimate amiibo compatibility guide will kickstart your Nintendo figure-hunting addiction

Find out which amiibo works with which game and how

Nintendo has nearly 100 different kinds of amiibo out there, and the company has shipped millions of the figures and cards since launching the line in 2014. But keeping track of which Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games can make use of amiibos — and, worse, the particular figures they're compatible with — can be daunting.

Thanks to this comprehensive chart by amiibo scholar Moldy Clay 64, that task has been made easier. The Twitter user recently updated his list of every Nintendo game compatible with the figures, including not only the amiibo that work with the titles, but also what they unlock in the game.

The compatibility chart includes Japanese-only games like Monster Hunter Stories on Nintendo 3DS, as well as more obscure titles that have yet to come stateside, like Teddy Together. Mostly, though, it will help you keep tabs on which Super Smash Bros. fighters have been converted into amiibo.

It's updated through Kirby: Planet Robobot for Nintendo 3DS, which will be out in June. Take a full look at the lengthy list on moldyclay's WordPress.

At Polygon, we catalogue our amiibo in a completely different way. Check out the latest episode of Griffin's amiibo Corner below to see how.