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Street Fighter 5's next DLC character delayed until end of June

Originally planned to make her debut much sooner

Street Fighter 5 players won't get to try out Ibuki, the game's third downloadable fighter, until the end of June. Capcom announced through the series' Twitter account that, due to unexpected issues, the DLC will arrive later next month, alongside the game's cinematic story mode.

"We wanted to clear up the confusion around the release of Ibuki in [Street Fighter 5]," the first of several tweets read. Although Capcom hadn't confirmed a release date for Ibuki, whom was revealed just yesterday, a schedule of post-launch content for Street Fighter 5 suggested that she'd be available before June.

The following tweet corroborated fan speculation on the release date. "We planned for her to come out at the end of May/beginning of June but there were unforeseen delays," according to the Street Fighter Twitter.

Instead of releasing the character as a stand-alone update in May, Capcom will make her available with the previously announced single-player campaign. More information on next month's content "and other topics the community has brought up" is coming soon.

A total of six downloadable fighters will be included in Street Fighter 5, which launched in February on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. These include other classic characters like Alex, Guile and Balrog; Alex and Guile are already available, having arrived in March and April respectively. All characters will be free to download until Street Fighter 5's real world-based currency, Zenny, launches.

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