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The Division's next big update tackles the Dark Zone, loot drops and game-breaking bugs

Fixes are on the way sometime soon

In a livestream today, the team behind Tom Clancy's The Division went in-depth about changes coming to the game in its 1.2 update. While there's still no release date for that patch, Massive Entertainment was ready to talk about how it will alter the core game — and fix several of its biggest problems.

There's an archive above of the lengthy livestream, a new episode of which airs weekly. Among the highlights are a new bracket that will be added to the Dark Zone. The 200 bracket will be available to players with a 200 Gear Score; it will also add more challenging enemies.

This bracket also comes with the highest-quality loot, according to Massive. In fact, the developer promises better and more frequent loot drops across all of the Dark Zone's brackets, as well as Incursions and challenge missions. While high-end loot will be more readily available, the best-quality items will still be rare.

While The Division players are always clamoring for more and better gear and weapons, it's the game's bugs that have incited the most conversation. Massive is already at work to fix some of the most notable problems, like missing updates for daily missions. Server maintenance that concluded earlier today updated the missions list, according to a thread on Ubisoft's support forums. This was done in order to "avoid any potential missing days," according to a community manager.

That should solve the problem for now, but on the State of the Game, the developer promised that a new system for daily missions was in the works for the next update. Other fixes coming in version 1.2 will solve problems with mission doors not opening after matchmaking and other notable bugs.

The Division has more updates and add-on content coming soon. Check out our Overview below to see the first expansion, which added the "Falcon Lost" Incursion to the game.

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