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Shadow of the Beast on PS4 includes the brutal Amiga original — with some changes

A bonus ahead of this month's launch

Heavy Spectrum will launch a reboot of Shadow of the Beast on PlayStation 4 on May 17, and the studio is packing in the original 1989 Commodore Amiga game with it. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, CEO Matt Birch explained that Shadow of the Beast won't just be a straight port, however.

"[The original Shadow of the Beast] is something of a notoriously difficult game," he wrote, "so we've added an infinite lives mode and some other helpful features," all of which can be disabled at will.

Unlike its sequels, 1990's Shadow of the Beast 2 and Shadow of the Beast 3 (from 1992), the first game in the series lacked difficulty settings. Instead, players had to endure punishingly hard enemies, especially in the "sloppy" Sega Genesis version, according to Digital Spy.

The Amiga game will be unlockable, Birch said. Fans can also unlock the original game's music to score the new PS4 version of Shadow of the Beast.

Shadow of the Beast is arriving nearly three years after its reveal at Gamescom 2013. Watch the trailer above to see how the updated action-platformer has changed since the series' 1989 debut.